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This workshop has been cancelled.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
The Number One Skill for Your Success

You may think you’d be more successful if citizens were less involved. Or if employees would just do what they’re told. Or the work was less stressful. But the fact is, your success is determined almost wholly by the level of your own emotional intelligence.

At this one-day workshop, you will learn from Dr. Joe Serio about the critical importance of emotional intelligence and how it applies to your daily work life.  You will explore the four pillars and basic components of emotional intelligence, and discover how to immediately improve your emotional intelligence.

Course sections:

  • Fear and Resistance: The Nature of the Beast
  • The Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Three Basic Components of EI
  • The Ten Attributes of EI
  • Using EI at work
  • Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence